2009 Smart Parts Impulse

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

NEW 2009 Smart Parts Impulse

The NEW 2009 Smart Parts Impulse will be available in 2 great color options: Dust Black/Red and Black/Blue. The weight of the Impulse is approximately 2.1 pounds right out of the box. The Impulse has a pressure balanced poppet valve. The Impulse is a poppet valve marker. Although it is not a spool valve, the new Impulse valve core does share a feature in common with the some Smart Parts spool valves designs – a tail. The tail end of the valve core is exposed to the outside air, the same as the pin end. This allows the gas pressure in the Impulse valve to press equally in both directions, resulting in a balanced valve that requires very little force to open. This being said, the Impulse will perform optimally with a compressed air system delivering between 600 and 900 psi. “Low-Output” compressed air systems outputting 400 psi, are not recommended, as they may not react fast enough to maintain consistent pressure under high rates of fire. All in all it is expected to be one of the most amazing guns out on the market today.