2009 Smart Parts Impulse

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New 2009 Smart Parts Impulse Barrel System

A lot of people have been asking about what is going on with the barrel for the 09 Impulse? Such as, "What is different between the Impulse barrel back and The Freak barrel back?". "What barrel thread pattern does the Impulse use?".
We finally have our questions answered. Functionally, the barrel backs are the same. The Impulse barrel back features a different external design. A Freak compatible Impulse barrel back holds a Freak insert and 14-inch All American barrel front. Out of the box, it’s a great barrel, with the addition of a full The Freak insert kit, it’s a complete barrel system ready for any playing condition. ***Some of the first photographed and released Impulse markers were shown with The Freak barrel back.
The 09 Impulse will use the same thread pattern that was introduced with the Classic Impulse. Because this is now the thread pattern used on all Smart Parts markers, it is now simply referred to as Smart Parts threading.

Shooting the 09 Impulse Paintball Gun

OK, so i found this video on the net. It's a little shaky but get the point across. This guy is shooting the NEW 2009 Smart Parts Impulse paintball gun! And if you notice, THERE IS ZERO RECOIL!!! I couldn't believe my eyes! I mean, yeah, I have read many blogs saying there is no kick but now I believe it entirely! Check it out!

No Such Thing As Recoil for the 2009 Impulse?

The secret to Smart Parts recoil elimination is in the NEW 2009 Smart Parts Impulse Paintball Gun. It's called a Two-Stage Regulation System. Yes, TWO regulators.
The primary regulator in the Impulse grip sets(No, the regulators aren’t in the foregrip – they are in the grip frame, in a pair of compact modular packages. Both Regulators can be quickly removed, cleaned and rebuilt with a minimum of tools) the pressure of the air used to fire each paintball, and is tuned to adjust velocity and to get the maximum efficiency a poppet valve can deliver. This gives the Impulse the ability to shoot 1700 to 1800 shots from a 68ci 4500 psi tank. (RECOMMENDED HPA)
The Impulse is also equipped with a secondary regulator which drops the pressure further to an ultra-low 50 psi. That’s about half what competing poppet valve markers use for their rams, but the Impulse can do that because it doesn’t need to beat on the valve to get it to open. That makes the Impulse incredibly gentle with brittle paint, and totally gets rid of the kick. This will all help with less chopped balls, less missed hits and will allow you to be as accurate as possible.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

OLD Impulse vs. NEW Impulse

Many people over the years have been asking, "Was the release of the Shocker the end of the Impulse era?" No. In fact, this new product release proves that the Shocker SFT and Shocker NXT were not the end of the Impulse. The Classic Impulse was one of the most popular electropneumatic paintball markers ever produced. It found its way into the winner's circle in the hands of teams like the All Americans and Strange. Pros loved it for its performance and amateurs loved it for its price. Even though it has been out of production for several years, it remains a popular used marker due to its fast rate of fire, simple cleaning requirements and rock-solid reliability. The OLD impulse revolutionized the world of paintball as we knew it. "Is Smart Parts ever going to come up with another Impulse again?". Well me know our answer now. The new 2009 Impulse is completely new inside and out. It is as if the LUXE and the 09 EGO had a baby and came out with a perfect mixture of the both guns. And as the old Impulse revolutionized the paintball world back then, now the NEW impulse will take its place ranking among the elite. It will be one of the best guns on the market especially for the great price it is posted at.

New Smart Parts 2009 Impulse Teaser

Here is the teaser video for the NEW 2009 Smart Parts Impulse!
**The release date is not correct in the video.

Tournament Play with the 09 Impulse

Tournament play with this gun is completely legal and highly recommended. Impulse features firing modes specifically designed to comply with the rules of all the current leading tournament series, and can be upgraded by Smart Parts techs, in case of a rules change. The Impulse features a tournament lock button on the circuit board, that prevents mode changes from being made on the field. Some people have asked: "If the grip opens without tools for a battery change, can't a player open it to access the tournament lock during a game?" The answer is no. The left side of the grip opens with quick-snap connectors for fast battery changes. The right side is secured with button-head screws that require an allen-wrench for removal. The field-lock button is on the right side of the Impulse circuit board, and can not be accessed without tools. This insures that no player on the field will be able to access the lock during any game. The 2009 Impulse will be one of the best guns out on the field and if you get beat by one you can't call them a cheater!

I can't wait for the 09 Impulse to come out!

Oh man! I am so excited for the new 2009 Impulse to finally come out! I mean, don't get me wrong, the older style Impulse was one of the best things ever made! I'm just super pumped to see the new styling and upgrades up close and personal. I have mine on pre-order already and I'm anxiously waiting every day for them to call and say it's in and on it's way to me! I got the Dust Black/Red because it looks like a mean gun. Looking forward to being one of the first out on the field with the NEW 2009 Smart Parts Impulse!

Cell Phone Technology in the NEW Impulse???

You don’t have to run to the corner store to buy batteries for your cell phone, and you shouldn’t have to do that for your paintgun. A built in lithium polymer battery uses the same technology that drives mobile phones to drive your game. Just in case you blow through the battery’s optimal 100,000 shot charge in a single game (how many pods are you carrying?!?) and don’t have time to charge, we’ve got you covered. Our designers gave the impulse snap-grips AND a spare battery. Swapping for a charged battery requires no tools and takes only seconds. For the normal person, your daily routine includes plugging your cell phone in at night before you go to bed. Well now, for the paintball enthusiast in us all, all you will have to do is plug your baby in at night before the big game. Unplug it in the morning and your good to go!
**The Impulse charger is designed for universal operation with 110 or 220 volt AC wall outlets in most countries of the world. Prong adapters may be required outside of the US, Canada or Mexico.
**It takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to fully charge. Charging time is affected by temperature, and battery discharge level.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

NEW 2009 Smart Parts Impulse

The NEW 2009 Smart Parts Impulse will be available in 2 great color options: Dust Black/Red and Black/Blue. The weight of the Impulse is approximately 2.1 pounds right out of the box. The Impulse has a pressure balanced poppet valve. The Impulse is a poppet valve marker. Although it is not a spool valve, the new Impulse valve core does share a feature in common with the some Smart Parts spool valves designs – a tail. The tail end of the valve core is exposed to the outside air, the same as the pin end. This allows the gas pressure in the Impulse valve to press equally in both directions, resulting in a balanced valve that requires very little force to open. This being said, the Impulse will perform optimally with a compressed air system delivering between 600 and 900 psi. “Low-Output” compressed air systems outputting 400 psi, are not recommended, as they may not react fast enough to maintain consistent pressure under high rates of fire. All in all it is expected to be one of the most amazing guns out on the market today.