2009 Smart Parts Impulse

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New 2009 Smart Parts Impulse Barrel System

A lot of people have been asking about what is going on with the barrel for the 09 Impulse? Such as, "What is different between the Impulse barrel back and The Freak barrel back?". "What barrel thread pattern does the Impulse use?".
We finally have our questions answered. Functionally, the barrel backs are the same. The Impulse barrel back features a different external design. A Freak compatible Impulse barrel back holds a Freak insert and 14-inch All American barrel front. Out of the box, it’s a great barrel, with the addition of a full The Freak insert kit, it’s a complete barrel system ready for any playing condition. ***Some of the first photographed and released Impulse markers were shown with The Freak barrel back.
The 09 Impulse will use the same thread pattern that was introduced with the Classic Impulse. Because this is now the thread pattern used on all Smart Parts markers, it is now simply referred to as Smart Parts threading.

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