2009 Smart Parts Impulse

Thursday, June 25, 2009

No Such Thing As Recoil for the 2009 Impulse?

The secret to Smart Parts recoil elimination is in the NEW 2009 Smart Parts Impulse Paintball Gun. It's called a Two-Stage Regulation System. Yes, TWO regulators.
The primary regulator in the Impulse grip sets(No, the regulators aren’t in the foregrip – they are in the grip frame, in a pair of compact modular packages. Both Regulators can be quickly removed, cleaned and rebuilt with a minimum of tools) the pressure of the air used to fire each paintball, and is tuned to adjust velocity and to get the maximum efficiency a poppet valve can deliver. This gives the Impulse the ability to shoot 1700 to 1800 shots from a 68ci 4500 psi tank. (RECOMMENDED HPA)
The Impulse is also equipped with a secondary regulator which drops the pressure further to an ultra-low 50 psi. That’s about half what competing poppet valve markers use for their rams, but the Impulse can do that because it doesn’t need to beat on the valve to get it to open. That makes the Impulse incredibly gentle with brittle paint, and totally gets rid of the kick. This will all help with less chopped balls, less missed hits and will allow you to be as accurate as possible.

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