2009 Smart Parts Impulse

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tournament Play with the 09 Impulse

Tournament play with this gun is completely legal and highly recommended. Impulse features firing modes specifically designed to comply with the rules of all the current leading tournament series, and can be upgraded by Smart Parts techs, in case of a rules change. The Impulse features a tournament lock button on the circuit board, that prevents mode changes from being made on the field. Some people have asked: "If the grip opens without tools for a battery change, can't a player open it to access the tournament lock during a game?" The answer is no. The left side of the grip opens with quick-snap connectors for fast battery changes. The right side is secured with button-head screws that require an allen-wrench for removal. The field-lock button is on the right side of the Impulse circuit board, and can not be accessed without tools. This insures that no player on the field will be able to access the lock during any game. The 2009 Impulse will be one of the best guns out on the field and if you get beat by one you can't call them a cheater!

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